Privacy Policy


GASTRONOMIA’s confidentiality policy is about Buyers personal data handling which is applicable to all Buyers who are individuals and are purchasing offered goods, products and services.  

Buyer is giving his/her clear and deliberate permission for usage of personal information provided while using web-store.

Stockmaster OÜ acts as a responsible personal data halder, reg. code 12537550, address Allika tee 14, Peetri alevik, Rae vald 75312 Harjumaa, Estonia.

Seller is using public data to provide services to Buyer. During public data handling Seller can use third party service providers (for example, providers of payment or postal services) who are contracted to protect personal data and keep the confidentiality of transferred information. 

Apart from mentioned above, Seller has a right to transfer personal data to supervision institutions, law enforcement agencies as well as third party companies should this be legally requested. 

If the buyer has singed up to a marketing mailer from GASTRONOMIA then Seller keeps a right to propose new information to Buyer with regards to good or companies using the contact information of Buyer. 

Buyer can contact the Seller with regards to perosnal data handling questions via e-mail

In case of any complaints with regards to personal data handing Buyer has a right to contact the data protection Inspection.  

Seller can change the confidentiality policy at any time according to the requirements of personal data protection. 

Buyer and Seller should be guided by legislation and legal acts of Estonia in regards to any questions outside of the confidentiality policy. 

Both parties should first come to an agreement by negotiations should any disagreements or disputes arise during the fulfilment of current terms of use.

In order to protect own rights, Both parties have a right to apply to the Department of the consumer right protection or the court in case that emerged disagreements and disputes cannot be solved by negotiation.

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