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Gingerbread Mint YASHKINO 350g

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Gingerbread Mint YASHKINO

Soft gingerbreads with refreshing mint note covered with semi-transparent sugar glaze.

We make the gingerbread according to a special recipe: we knead yeast-free dough in two steps and necessarily let it rest to make gingerbread spongy and airy.

We add rye flour—a source of protein, fiber, and B and E vitamins, iron, and zinc—to the dough. Starch in rye flour helps to retain moisture longer and keep our gingerbreads fresh.

By the way, we produce flour for gingerbread ourselves – on European machines, from grains, which we grow ourselves in ecologically clean lands of the Altai.

We cover each ginger with glaze, which helps retain taste and softness of the dessert.

This dessert will please children as well as adults. The eldest members of family will enjoy its soft and tender texture.

With natural mint.

Particularly soft.

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