• lemonade Tarhun MARTIN 0,5l Drinks

lemonade Tarhun MARTIN 0,5l

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Carbonated non-alcoholic drink "MARTIN", with flavorings and "Tarhun" aroma.

The drink is made on the basis of the purest Beloglinskaya artesian water, which is 240 meters deep between layers of pure white clay.

Ingredients: artesian water, sugar, natural flavor "Tarhun", acidity regulator, citric acid, preservative sodium benzoate, colorants (tartrazine, blue patented E131). Contains the coloring agent tartrazine E102, which may have a negative effect on children's activity and attention.

Maintain temp. +2 ... + 18 ° C. Store open in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours.

Product information
Energy content 205 kJ / 49 kcal
Carbohydrates 12,3 g
Weight 0,5 l
In box 12 pcs
Country of origin Russia

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