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Fruit pastilles Apple – strawberry Smart Formula 30g

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Fruit pastilles

«Smart Formula» Say no to sugar “Apple – strawberry” fruit pastilles.

Pastilles made of fruit and berries puree and juices with no added sugar.

Delicate way of pastilles production allows you to save most of the vitamins and nutrients from natural ingredients.

Natural sweetness comes from sun ripened fruit and berries.

Fruit pastilles is a real find for careful mums, who always need a tasteful alternative for the traditional delicacy, to offer little sweet tooths a tasty and healthy dessert.

Pastilles are a good solution for supporters of functional nutrition and those who keep fit or have decided to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet without giving up sweets completely.

It is convenient to take a package of pastilles for a walk or put it in a school bag for a child to boost his energy during the break.


100 % natural ingredients.

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