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Grain coffee roasted on wood "L'Italiano" Vezzali 500g

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Vezzali coffee is the result of ancient and rare techniques, along with the desire to emphasise all characteristics and flavors of the best raw coffees, with a slow wood roasting process, performed by our experienced roastmasters and concluded by a respectful and slow air cooling. 

Country of origin: Italy

Type: Grain coffee roasted on wood 500g

Blend Arabica 70% & Robusta 30%

◼ it's the whole body, we've thought about it. We wanted an intense coffee on the palate, but sweet and delicate. A coffee of excellent consistency, of important cream and with a caffeine content able to satisfy those looking for a strong coffee.

Beech wood roasting

◼ It is a slow roasting course and an increase in the volume naturally respectful of the bean. Beech wood, thanks to its specific resins, tends to correct the typical roughness of coffee.

◼ The slow roasting characterizes sensorially clean coffees, of excellent intense and aromatic aftertaste. Air cooling and minimum rest 10 days.

◼ A very ancient method of difficult execution, it requires a great experience. Surely it allows to obtain absolutely extraordinary and inimitable aromatic qualities.


◼ Cream colour: tunic of a friar.

◼ Cream persistance: Very hight

◼ Aromas: chocholate and soft

◼ Not bitter and earthy taste.

◼ Suitable for espresso.

◼ Roasting: Slightly dark

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