• Chips Nori from seaweed "Originaal" SEN SOY 4.5g Snacks, chips

Chips Nori from seaweed "Originaal" SEN SOY 4.5g

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Nori Chips is a popular Korean seaweed snack. A product for those who care about their health and care about a slim figure. Crispy nori plates fried in sesame oil perfectly satisfy hunger and preserve all the exceptional properties of seaweed. Delicious and healthy, they contain vegetable protein, iodine, iron, calcium, phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, B and C. On a walk, in front of the TV, in the cinema and on the road with you Nori Chips Sen Soy Premium - crunch with pleasure and benefit!

Ingredients: seaweed, salt, sesame oil, corn oil

Product information
Energy content 2594 kJ / 620 kcal
Fats 44 g
Carbohydrates 24 g
Proteins 30 g
Weight 4,5 g
In box 18 pcs
Country of origin Korea
EAN 8936181660417

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